A. O. Smith Vertex Water Heaters

Continuous hot water, shower after shower!* The more hot water you need, the more you need a Vertex water heater. Through an inspired blend of innovation, efficiency and years of industry expertise, A. O. Smith has created a family of state-of-the-art products that provide a long-lasting supply of hot water during those times when everyone in your home needs it most. Vertex™ power-vent gas water heaters take high-demand homes to the pinnacle of hot water availability.

The Vertex Power Vent offers up to 90% thermal efficiency while the Vertex Power Direct Vent offers up to 96% thermal efficiency with performance that rivals much larger water heaters. With its fully-condensing design, Vertex delivers “continuous hot water” – shower after shower, hour after hour.


  • Power Vent – 90% thermal efficiency
  • Power Direct Vent – 96% thermal efficiency
  • Hot water output similar to larger, less efficient conventional 75-gallon models
  • Dimensions similar to a standard 50-gallon power vent water heater
  • * The Power Direct Vent is an advanced internal heat exchanger with 100,000 BTU input, inspired by A. O. Smith’s time-tested Cyclone commercial design
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified