Solar Pumping Station

Product Description


  • All-in-One Pre-insulated and Pre-plumbed Module
  • Ball Valves on Supply and Return with:
    • Temperature Gauges
    • Solar Check Valves
  • Flow Meter graduated in GPM with Integral Balancing Valve Safety Group:
    • Pressure Gauge
    • Pressure Relief Valve
    • Expansion Tank Connection
  • Fill and Purge Valves
  • Air Eliminator with Manual Vent
  • Expansion Tank Bracket and Flex Tubing
  • Standard 2-Bolt Flanged Circulator
  • Variable Speed Solar Differential Control
    • Matches Output of Collector
    • No Short Cycling of Circulator
    • +20% Increased Performance
  • User Definable Line Voltage
  • Output, Supports:
    • External Heat Exchanger
    • Collector Sink / Dump
    • Storage Tank Supplement
    • 1 or 2 Storage Tanks

The variable speed circulator in the Solar Pumping Station continuously optimizes the flow through the collector to achieve maximum energy gain. For example, there is no benefit of pulling 80° water out of the collector when you are trying to maintain 120° in a tank. If a proper Delta-T is maintained through the collector then higher source temperatures can be achieved over longer periods of time, no matter the weather conditions.

The Solar Pumping Station truly simplifies your closed loop solar water heating installation. With just a few connections, you install the heart of the system; circulator, solar control and all safety and measurement equipment.

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