Bumble bee

The right circulator needs to do more than just move water. The new Taco Bumble Bee is designed to be the “right” circulator for the types of jobs you do. Its high efficiency ECM motor uses up to 85% less electricity than a standard circulator, and its out-of-the box settings and 360° swivel flange makes it a breeze to install. Most importantly, the Bumble Bee’s Delta-T variable speed technology maximizes the overall efficiency of your heating system.

The Bumble Bee is engineered for energy savings, ease of installation, versatility in the field and ultimate comfort… so you can do your best work.

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Product Description

Benefits of the Bumble Bee and Delta-T

  • ECM motor reduces electrical consumption by up to 85%
  • Taco’s exclusive Delta-T technology
    boosts that savings by 15 to 19 times
  • Maximizes boiler efficiency, reduces short cycling
  • Matches flow to actual heating load
  • Guarantees the best performance of
    any system you install or upgrade