AO Smith BTR-201 Master Fit Booster Water Heater (for dishwashers)

The Master-Fit BTR-151 and BTR-201 are designed for installation in booster applications, to supply commercial dishwashers with very high temperature water, typically 180ºF. A booster water heater is generally used in conjunction with a standard water heater delivering hot water at a lower temperature to meet the non-dishwashing needs of a restaurant or other food service application.

With a 32-gallon storage tank, these compact units measure only 45??” high, and hot and cold water connections can be made in the top, front, or rear for installation versatility.

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Product Description


  • The Eliminator self-cleaning system -designed to significantly reduce or eliminate buildup of lime, sand and other sediment inside the tank. Reduced sediment buildup helps Master-Fit water heaters maintain their rated energy efficiency and reduce water heating costs. Self-cleaning system also helps prolong tank life.
  • Built-in induced draft blower – produces power-induced draft of makeup air prior to burner ignition. Provides more efficient control of heat through the flue collector. No draft hood or barometric damper required.
  • Rated as a category 1 appliance – can be commonly vented with other Category 1 appliances, using standard metal type “B” vent
  • PERMAGLAS ultra coat glass lining – exclusive process provides superior protection against corrosion. CoreGard anode rods with stainless steel core provide additional corrosion protection.
  • Three water connection options -hot and cold water connections can be made through top, front or rear of water heater. The Eliminator self-cleaning device operates when cold water is connected through front.
  • Intermittent electronic ignition – eliminates standing pilot, includes power ON/OFF switch, provides flame failure response in less than one second