AO Smith Conservationist Burkay Copper Coil Gas Boiler (HW-300)


  • All Non-Ferrous Waterways – All castings are made of Bronze or Brass. All water tubes are made from copper. Brazed joints or flare union construction make the heater immune to the effects of thermal shock and thermal cycling. The Burkay┬« boiler provides one of the smallest foot prints in the industry. Ideal for multiple boiler applications.
  • Efficient Copper Coil Combustion Chamber – The combustion chamber is a heat exchanger formed from a two passage coil of tightly wound continuous copper tube. Water circulating through this coil captures radiant heat. A wrap of insulation on the outside of the coil retains the heat captured by the circulating water.

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Product Description

  • Copper Heat Exchanger – Directly above the coil and the main burner is a compact, horizontal, copper fin tube heat exchanger. The flue gases must pass through this efficient heat exchanger before leaving the boiler. This unique Burkay coil and heat exchanger design provide maximum heat transfer and proven field durability.
  • Gas Valves – Step opening or slow opening redundant gas valves ensure smooth light-off without flame roll-out or pilot outage.
  • Thermal Balancer – Factory supplied for use with primary secondary heating systems. Cycles the secondary pump with the burner, but delays pump shut off at the end of the heating cycle to remove usable heat from the boiler. Virtually eliminates stand-by heat losses at the boiler.
  • Automatic Safety Controls & Electronic Ignition – Proven pilot ignition system provides flame failure response in under one (1) second. Redundant high limit controls and gas valves assure safe shut off in the event of overheating or flame failure. Requires 120V 60Hz. Maximum inlet gas pressure 14? W.C. Minimum gas pressure 4.5? W.C. Requires remote temperature system control: loop stat, energy management system, Indoor/ Outdoor Reset control (Not furnished with the boiler).
  • Working Pressure – ASME approved, hydrostatically tested and certified for 160 psi. Supplied with ASME relief valve 50#.
  • Optional Equipment – CSD-1 code, California code, New York code, Low Water Cutoff, Indoor/Outdoor Reset and Sequencing Panel (1-8 Boilers).
  • Limited Warranty